Biodegradable Vane Spindle Grease

Bureau Bulletin 186 Dec1998

EHP Environmental Health Perspectives One Slick Trick: Building a Better Biolubricant

Environmental Protection Agency paper including VSG, EPP Update Issue 10 page 10-11

EPA eppupdate10 2002 see page 10

Evaluation of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALS) for Dams Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Victor Medina, August 2015. Notes: 1. Re Table 4 the veggie oil in VSG is Canola. Rape Seed is the closest but not the same. 2. Re Page 13 bottoms by EPA criteria of Log Kow < 3 VSG is nonbioaccumulative. 3. Re Page 14 Food Grade – Most such lubricants have poor wear and corrosion protection but not VSG. A FG product is available. 4. Re Page 15 Table 7 – Operating Range depends on application but is expected to be -18F to 200F. Thickener in VSG is a state-of-the-art Calcium Sulfonate. VSG has a veggie oil as well as oil inherent in the thickener. Effective oil viscosity is 176 cSt at 40C and 15.3 cSt at 100C. Closed ISO Viscosity Grade is 150. Apparently, Viscosity data is available.

‘Going Green’ International Water Power & Dam Construction

Green and Cost Saving Advantages for VSG ‘The Green Grease’ – Eco

Keeping Grease Systems Trouble-Free

Plugging Grease Lines

Regreasing Basis

Regreasing Benefits

Technical Note – VSG vs H1 Food Grade

US Bureau of Reclamation Bulletin December 1998 please see page 13.