News Release

The Candu Owners Group Report – “Qualification of MOV Long Life Grease for Limitorque Main Gearbox Application”  

This report summarizes:

  • Technical requirements for Limitorque main gearbox
  • Discusses published test data that states MOV Long Life Grade 1 as a potential replacement for the Nebula EP1 grease with test results on both greases
  • Compatibility between new MOV Long Life Grade 1 and aged Nebula EP1. Assess the impact of MOV Long Life “top-up” of in-service Nebula EP1 lubricated gearboxes.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Report “, Comparative Analysis of Nebula and MOV Long Life, Greases for Limitorque Main Gearbox Applications”

This report summarizes: 

  • This report addressed the need for a replacement for the obsolete and discontinued Nebula EP grease.
  • Qualify MOV Long Life by comparison with Nebula in thermal and radiation exposures simulating service, main steam line break (MSLB) and loss of coolant accident (LOCA) conditions.

MOV Long Life Papers at MUG Conference 2003


  • MOV Long Life was one of the best for both Inconel and 410T stems with a low ROL matching the anti-seize pastes. 
  • Long Life was also tested to five years while Chevron SRI and Mobilgrease 28 only went to 2 1/2 years. 
  • Based on independent oven ageing, pin on disc tests and corrosion testing MOV Long Life is at least as good, if not better, than both Mobilgrease 28 and Beacon 325. Consequently, it can be used without sacrifices in performance on the stems, in the main gearbox and the limit switch gearbox.

Limitorque Technical Update 02-01


Eco Fluid Center has established Canoil Canada Ltd as our exclusive agent for MOV Long Life. It is available directly from sub-distributors.