To reduce the environmental impact of grease from once through systems, a better choice is now possible. VSG grease uses a natural vegetable base oil combined with a state-of-the-art calcium sulphonate thickener to provide a biodegradable and potentially less harmful product that also performs. VSG was developed to meet the requirements of the established wicket gate bearing specifications. It will be cost effective compared to existing products and will certainly be much less expensive than trying self-lubricating inserts. Used by the Bureau or Reclamation, US Army Corps of Engineers, TVA, OPG, HQ and many others. VSG has excellent resistance to water washout, has extreme pressure and anti-wear characteristics, and has good pumpability. In most cases, VSG can be used now to directly replace existing older mineral oil-based products.




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Canola Oil

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Suppliers of VSG

VSG is available from distributors across North America and directly from Canoil Canada Ltd. Please contact Eco Fluid Center with any questions. 

More information from Gamil Alhakimi, President of Canoil Canada Ltd.