MOV Long Life greases tested by EPRI for high temperature MOV’s and for bearings in Lube Notes for December 2006. Both did very well in comparison to the alternatives, especially when all the characteristics were considered.

Note Number 1, High Temperature Grease Evaluation: “The MOV LL result at the stem nut temperature of 85°C (185°F) warrants consideration in future testing. Not only does it appear that it will retain oil better, but it also has better oxidation stability and consistency retention (remaining a grade 2) than the other lubricants evaluated.”

Note Number 3, Comparison of Roller Bearing Greases: “We believe that MOV LL will prove to be superior in antirust based on other, more rigorous tests. This feature is important in areas of high humidity near an ocean. Given that a bearing failure occurred due to a weld seize, there is a comfort in choosing MOV LL that has a significantly higher weld point and load-carrying ability.”

What You Need to Know about Oil & Greases and Compatibility Testing

See the movement of MOV Long Life Grease in a Limitorque SMB actuator


Canoil Canada Limited is Acquiring Eco Fluid Center Ltd.

This is effective August 1, 2020. These companies have worked together for years with Canoil being the stocking and distribution for MOV Long Life, MOV Extra and VSG greases. The transition should be seamless. Grease customers should contact the same Canoil people as before.
In addition, Ken Brown will continue to assist Canoil on technical matters. This is for these greases and also for the line of EHC Turbofluids.
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