Providing power stations with innovative lubricant solutions, long life and eco-friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluids and greases since 2008.

From 1993 to 2008 as Utility Service Associates.​

VSG ‘The Green Grease’

Primarily for Hydro-Electric Plants

VSG grease uses a natural vegetable base oil combined with a state-of-the-art calcium sulphonate thickener to provide a biodegradable and potentially less harmful product that also performs. Read more…

MOV Long Life

For Motor Operated Valves and EQ'd

The grease must satisfy the requirements of the actuator supplier as well as having the required radiation, temperature and steam/water resistance to continue to be able to perform their design function after a serious event. Read more..  

MOV Extra

For Low Temperature and Commercial Application

This uses a lower viscosity base oil for better low temperature performance. In addition, the base oil is less refined so available at a lower cost and being commercial, it does not require the QA necessary for nuclear applications. Read more…

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Fire Resistant Steam Turbine Control Fluids (EHC)​

Phosphate ester fire-resistant fluids have been in use in the control systems of steam turbines for over 50 years. They are hydraulic fluids less likely to catch fire.  Read more…

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