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For power stations with innovative lubricant solutions, long life and eco-friendly biodegradable hydraulic fluids and greases.

From 1993 to 2008 as Utility Service Associates.​

MOV Long Life & Extra​

high-performance grease

MOV Long Life® is a high-performance grease developed in cooperation with the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute) Primarily used in motor operated valve (MOV) actuators in nuclear power stations. Approved for use in the main gearboxes, limit switch gearboxes and stems. Tested by EPRI, Flowserve, NRC, INEEL and others. Factory fill for Limitorque SMB actuators replacing Nebula EP0 in 2002.. 

VSG ‘The Green Grease’​

sustainable and Biodegradable grease

Has a sustainable canola veggie oil, low toxicity, biodegradability, nad is non bioaccumulative.  VSG is a more environmentally friendly grease that was developed for use in hydroelectric turbine wicket gate greasing systems. Plus, VSG provides excellent corrosion protection, good wear resistance and less likely to plug grease lines. In use for over 20 years across the USA, Canada and Iceland.

Steam Turbine Control Fluids

Fire Resistant Solution

Triaryl phosphate esters are used in the electrohydraulic control (EHC) systems of steam turbines. Examples include the various Fyrquels from ICL (previously Akzo, Akzo-Nobel, and Sauffer) and the Turbofluids from Lanxess (previously Ciba-Geigy, FMC, and Crompton).  They are used because they are much more fire resistant than the standard steam turbine oils. These fluids can provide years of trouble-free operation but if not maintained properly may form, deposits, sludges, gels and varnish.

What Makes Us Better?​

We offer proven products that provide better performance.

MOV Long Life Approved

The Grade 1 was approved by EPRI as the single grease to be used on all 3 points on Limitorque SMB motor operated valve actuators. This is for the main and limit switch gearboxes as well as on the stem threads. Nuclear EQ’d and can provide longer lives and more consistent friction forces in this and in other industrial applications.

MOV Long Life Lasts Longer

In hot well applications at a nuclear plant MOV Long Life is providing 4X the life. The previous competitive grease from a major had to changed in every 2 years during reactor refuelling outages. Not having to pull the actuators frees up workers to do other tasks as well as saving tens of thousands.

VSG Grease Lasts Longer

Some users of VSG grease have considerably extended their regreasing intervals from a few times a day to once a day or even once a week. One station reduced greases consumption by 42X!  This is achieved because VSG provides outstanding corrosion protection, good wear protection and is less likely to plug grease lines.

VSG Tested and Approved

VSG has been independently tested and compared against the others by the US Bureau of Reclamation, TVA and US Army Corps of Engineers.  In use now for over 20 years. Has a sustainable veggie base oil with with low toxicity, is biodegradable, non bioaccumulative and provides performance. It works.

EHC Fluids Can Perform

Fire resistant phosphate ester fluids can give decades of trouble-free performance. This requires correcting small issues before they cause problems and, in many cases, requires no new equipment. We can help.

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Canoil Canada Limited is Acquiring Eco Fluid Center Ltd.

This is effective August 1, 2020. These companies have worked together for years with Canoil being the stocking and distribution for MOV Long Life, MOV Extra and VSG greases. The transition should be seamless. Grease customers should contact the same Canoil people as before.
In addition, Ken Brown will continue to assist Canoil on technical matters. This is for these greases and also for the line of EHC Turbofluids.
For more information on Canoil please see