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Eco Fluid Center Ltd. has a strong user focus provided by individuals who worked for utilities themselves. When possible we also only use other services and products from those who have specific experience with power station applications.

Consequently, our goal is to provide the best possible and most cost effective service or product. If we cannot offer one ourselves then where possible we will make suggestions or find out where you can get them.

We are available for phone and e-mail inquires at no cost. Our primary area of expertise is power station lubricants including steam turbine oils, reactor lubricants, pump, fan and motor applications as well as phosphate ester control fluids. Services and products can also be provided on bearing, seals and couplings including analysis, rotor dynamics and condition monitoring. Plus, it can be cradle to grave including fluid reclamation, purification, filtration and recycling.

The applications can be in hydroelectric, fossil, nuclear, combined cycle or even wind turbines. We have worked on them all.

G 2000 Chemtura Grease

Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance

Study found that 33% of the money spent on maintenance was being wasted. Now with better condition monitoring the work can be scheduled to reduce failures and reduce costs.

For assessing motor operated valves see the section starting on page 51 and also pages 124 and 167 in the Appendices.

Implementation Strategies and Tools for Condition Based Maintenance at Nuclear Power Plants, IAEA-TECDOC-1551, May, 2007.
Note: A good overview of condition based maintenance.

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