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 Utility Services Associates
 Biodegradable VSG ' The Green Grease'
 Fire Resistant Phosphate Ester EHC Fluid
 MOV Long Life Grease
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Utility Service Associates and the Fluid Research Center offer tribological trouble shooting services, training, testing, specialty lubes and high performance filters. Clients mainly include hydroelectric, fossil and nuclear power plants but also industrial plants and companies providing products to these sectors.

Specialty Products

  • 'Green' Lubes, Procedures And Products
  • Biodegradable, Coupling And MOV Greases
  • Recycled Oils And Fluids
  • Oil And Air Filter Elements
  • Fire Resistant Fluids And EHC Control Fluids
  • Purification Media For Phosphate Esters
  • Energy Conserving And Long Life Lubes

VSG is a 'green' vegetable oil based grease primarily for hydroelectric plants. It is the only 'green' grease approved by OPG and HQ for wicket gates.

Users include Arizona Public Service, BC Hydro, Bureau of Reclamation, City of Seattle, Eastern Ontario Power, Hydro Quebec, Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corp., Landsvirkjun (Iceland), Manitoba Hydro, Newfoundland and Labrador Power, Ontario Power Generation, Orillia Power Generation Corp., Ottawa City Center, Synex Wolverine LLC and TVA.

MOV Long Life that is a grease for motor operated valves used in nuclear power plants. This is a premium high performance grease that has been extensively tested under both normal and accident conditions (heat, water and radiation).

Users include many of the nuclear stations in the US and Canada as well as those in Sweden, Spain, Argentina and Mexico. It is also the Limitorque factory fill and is used by actuator repair shops such as Georgia-Western.

MOV Extra is a grease for motor operated valves used in fossil and industrial applications. It has outstanding mobility for improved low temperature performance. Users include many fossil stations as well as actuator repair shops such as Pinnacle Actuation.

Also available are other greases, 'green' lube and hydraulic oils are well as dielectric fluids that may be more 'environmentally friendly'. The greases have no added heavy metals, such as lead and zinc, nor added chlorinated compounds. The oils are generally considered to be readily biodegradable and can be based on canola oil or polyglycol.


  • Specialized Lubricant Testing
  • Second Opinions
  • Interpretation Of Lube Test Results
  • Training For Technical Staff
  • Root Cause Analysis on Lubes, EHC Fluids, Bearings, Filters, Gears, Couplings, & Seals
  • Lube Surveys And Optimisation
  • Setting Up Condition Monitoring Programs
  • Day To Day Technical Support
  • Reducing Tribological Losses & Waste

Users of the technical services include many of the stations with our products but also Aircraft Appliances and Equipment Limited, Duke Power, EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), Forsythe Lubrication Associates, Forsythe Technology Inc., NitroChem, NS Power, NB Power, Noria (Diagnetics), West Windsor Power, and Vectren.

For EPRI, FluidCenter was the sole contractor who prepared their 2002 report "Electrohydraulic Control (EHC) Fluid Maintenance Guide". This benchmark work on the fire resistant fluids used in the control systems of steam turbines contains photos, equipment details and many analysis reports to help operators trouble shoot and prevent problems.

Please give us a call if you think we can help. The call is free and even if we can't do it ourselves we will try to find alternatives for you.

Ken J. Brown

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